What Is My Carbon Footprint?

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The Carbon Footprint Estimator

To limit climate change to 2°C, globally we must emit no more than 565 gigatons of carbon this century.

It is our hope this tool helps people reduce their carbon footprints to make a sustainable future possible.

We believe this is the most intuitive and fastest carbon estimator available that works on both desktop and mobile devices.

Feel free to customise and install it on your own website, and help to spread to as many people as possible!

Contact us if you have any question or suggestion: [email protected]

Installation Guide

Get started in 30 minutes.

The below steps will help you install the Carbon Footprint Estimator on your own web-site. All you need is a basic web-host that supports HTML.

Step 1

Download Carbon Footprint Estimator

Go to the release page, download the file carbon-estimator.zip and unzip it.

Step 2

Create Google Sheet File

Open this Google Sheet and make a copy (menu File > Make A Copy).

This Google Sheet file will configure all aspects of your Carbon Footprint Estimator. There are 5 sheets: Groups, Activities, Results Interpretation, Baselines, and Settings. Change them according to your need.

If you're lost, refer to the notes in the header of each column.

Step 3

Publish Google Sheet File

From Google Sheet, go to menu File > Publish To The Web. You will be given a url. Copy it and replace the url in file app/router.js.

Step 4


Configure Facebook Sharing

If you want to allow people to share their results and link back to your web-site (we strongly recommend), you'll need to do this optional steps. It is a little bit complicated and require approval from facebook. Head to our github for the detailed steps.

If you decide to skip this part, go to Google Sheet file, sheet Settings and make the value of facebookAppId empty to hide the Share button.

We're looking to improve this part.

Step 5

Upload To Server

Finally, upload the entire folder to your web host and start inviting a few friends to try out your handiwork! :)

Step 6

Email Us At [email protected]

...so that we will add you to this list and send you update when new versions are available!


Works well on desktop and mobile.


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We'd love to have your help.

If you're a developer and would like to contribute to this project, head over to our Github.